Have You Experienced Being Furloughed?


have you been furloughed?, chair on table

Are you currently furloughed or have been furloughed during the pandemic? If so, I am interested in hearing about your situation. I am a researcher at Durham University. As part of a research study to increase the understanding of the effects of being furloughed, I am interviewing people across the UK who have first-hand experience.

The informal interview will take up to one hour at your convenience. I simply want to capture your thoughts and perspectives. Your responses will be kept confidential.

There is no compensation for participating in this study. However, your participation will be a valuable addition to the research project. Its findings could lead to greater public understanding of how being furloughed is felt and experienced.

f you:

1. Have been furloughed or in receipt of SEISS grant payments during the pandemic

2. Are over 18

3. Based in the UK

4. Willing to be interviewed

Please contact me for further information victoria.j.jones@durham.ac.uk

So far the people interviewed for the study have shared all sorts of useful and unexpected insights about being on furlough. This detail that I can't know unless people who have been furloughed tell me.

**No matter how small, your contribution could be important for the study**