I AM MAINDEE - but where exactly am I?

I've always known where Maindee is, or so I thought. Although I didn't grow up in Maindee, I did go to primary school there at St Joseph's In Fairoak Avenue (1973 - 1980). I did my Art Foundation year in Church Road in 1988. I have l lived in Maindee since 2007. I have assumed I know where I am, where Maindee is.... but looking at maps shows me that Maindee is a slightly different location dependent on the map you use.

On this 1953 map, Maindee features prominantly. The label is far outside what I would consider to be classed as Maindee

This 2005 map has the Maindee label in an area I would consider to be Eveswell
In this 2007 map, Maindee is close to Woodland Park
Where I think Maindee is....


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