What It Is Rite

ARCADECARDIFF, Queens Arcade, Queen Street, Cardiff, CF10 2BY
22nd January – 12th February 2016 

Private View 22nd January 6pm
Invite Only Performance 29th January 6pm
Open Performance 6th February 3pm

Happy to announce that I am presenting a new work at Arcade Cardiff, ‘What It Is Rite’. This work is building on previous works creating empathic and uplifting experiences. I am interested in ‘sense of place’ and ‘other spaces’. Sense of place is the emotional attachment people have to locations. Other spaces are locations where people behave differently unlike everyday situations like being at home.

Past works linked to this work include ‘Celestial Cluster’ (2014), in which the audience and I made a ‘Milky Way’ of LED lights whilst swapping personal stories of separation and reunion and Milky Way chocolate bars. ‘Polar Exploration’ (2013) was a multi-sensorial rendering of the polar experience as I imagined it, filled with light and smelling and tasting of mint. It was intended as an ‘other’ space of contemplation for some, of play for others.

In common with these past works, ‘What It Is Rite’ will explore the human condition and the fragility of human relationships. In particular the tipping point between feeling safe and unsafe. Safe and unsafe ‘spaces’ can be found in our every day experiences. A physical location, a word or a gesture can delineate the transition from feeling safe to unsafe and back again. These ideas will be explored through a light installation, an audio work and a dance performance.


 This project is supported by Arcade Cardiff and Arts Council Wales.


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