Smell of Space

Last year I developed a participatory narrative series Celestial Cluster. In these works I made the Milky Way with groups of people.

To enhance the piece I developed 'The Smell of Space'. It is the space smell as recollected by NASA astronauts within their various memoirs. I took the common denominator smells that they reported and put them together.

So far there are five versions of 'The Smell of Space'. The original version is as close to the astronauts descriptions as I could make it.

So what does it smell like?… It's probably best smelt first hand.

Celestial Cluster Talk 08/03/2014 from Victoria J. E. Jones on Vimeo.
Talking about 'Celestial Cluster 01: Age Alive Wednesday Ladies, Newport' (2014) at Upmarket Gallery, Newport, Wales. Filmed by Marion Cheung


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