Space Travelling Invisible Scotland

'Space Travelling Invisible Scotland' 2013

I just spent five days in Scotland at the Invisible Scotland conference. The conference explored 'place' with particular reference to Scotland.
At the conference different aspects of what 'Scottish' means were presented, mostly rooted in the land and the past. Although a woman from a Dundee women's group also spoke.

My interest in place is primarily how/ why people emotionally attach to a location.

I deliberately chose a fieldwork option that would be the most immersive/cutoff/ in someone else's control. I spent two days in the highlands being led to Glen Coe, Rannoch Moor and  the oldest pine forest in the UK. I was interested in how I would respond to a location (Scotland) which I have no connection with. I tried to make sense of the experience through making small films of the wind.

I somehow equate my experience of the fieldwork part of the Invisible Scotland conference, with Hussein Chalayan's 'Passage to Place' film... I guess it reminds me of the constant moving, all physical needs catered (food, shelter, sleep) and not in control of  route or time. As an adult, loss of control is an unusual experience.


A book of the conference Invisible Scotland: Revealing a Process of Interdisciplinary Discovery will be published in November 2013 Invisible-Scotland-Revealing-Interdisciplinary-Discovery


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