Visiting Cardiff University Medical Research Unit

At the end of the week I will start making my installation 'Polar Exploration' for the Rapid Cycling residency at Attic Space, Cardiff. This is a series of residencies of artists exploring the mind, funded by Cardiff University MRC.

Some the artists visited the MRC in April. It was fascinating having an insight of other people's work and workspace. Amazing that barcodes can be put on something that is 0.9 of a micron and you can make information about someone's DNA as 14million dots on a slide.

Of particular interest was the amount of fridges in the lab and how ripe they were for fridge magnets.... and how the lab people labeled everything with their names, like a grown-up version of putting your name on your pencil when are at primary school. There is no hierachy in their labelling so 'Lucy' , 'Bits and Bobs' and 'Human Tissue' are treated the same...


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