Portmeirion: a Little Bit of Italy in Wales

This week I found myself in Portmeirion which has to be one of the most eccentric places in Wales... and one of Wales' biggest simulated environments. Located on the North East coast of Wales, it was designed to simulate an Italian village by Clough Williams-Ellis. To get to Portmerion you drive down a winding lane, through a small forest and emerge apparently in the Mediterranean.It definitely feels like you've gone 'somewhere' else.

I first went to Portmerion as a child and have found myself there for work purposes over the past couple of years. This time, despite the bitter cold and occasional flurry of snow I was determined to photograph it.

On the whole the experience of being there is a bit disorientating, but mostly invokes delight.

Portmeirion was the backdrop for the 1960's series The Prisoner. It pretty much hasn't changed since it was filmed there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VuCCgQsyq8s


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