Meeting the Rapid Cycling Artists

 Recently I heard I had been selected for the Rapid Cycling series of exhibitions at Attic Space in Cardiff. Tonight I met with the other artists involved in the exhibition series. The exhibitions are supported by the MRC department at Cardiff University, and the artists will be exploring different facets of mental health. Judging by tonight's conversations I think the shows will produce some genuinely fascinating work... and I look forward to everyone's output.

The Rapid Cycling exhibitions will be on the following dates:

8th Feb - 25th Feb Sara Rees
1st March - 18th March Amy O'Driscoll
5th April - 22nd April Susan Adams
[1st Mar - 22nd April Gail Howard developing work off-site with presence within ATTIC as and when appropriate]
26th April - 13th May Richard Huw Morgan
[14th May - 6th June: Art as a Healing Process]
7th June - 24th June Victoria J E Jones

The exhibition will be followed by a creative 'response' to the series exhibition by selected respondees. In addition Rapid Cycling will be documented by a visual recorder (Laura Sorvala) and a creative writer Matthew (didn't catch his surname). Later in the year a publication detailing all the activity will be produced by the MRC people.

My contribution will be a fantastical simulated environment whose progress I will detail from time to time here.


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