13 September 2014

How to make art magic again...

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Marina Abramovic in discussion with Kendell Geers at Central St Martins 12/09/2014

Kendell Geers
- no such thing as chance

a new way of making art
spiritualising material and art
we channel things without understanding them
how we construct our perceptions of reality
we are conscious of:
- our surroundings
- our land
- our symbols
- our gods
- our territories
we map out the world…define the territories

Foucault's pendulum in Paris…moves with Earth's axis

we divide the world into:
- quadrants
- economic divisions
- time

body as transmitter/ receiver
what if this physical body is a small part of who we are?

what can art be?
what is the role of an artist today?

Sol Lewitt - Conceptual artists are mystics not rationalists. They leap to conclusions that logic cannot reach

art has the power to reach into your soul
artist transmits ideas and concepts greater than the artist who receives them

Bruce Nauman - The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths

Goethe - In perceiving a flower you are participating in the perception of the flower

Symbolic ancestors - upward pointing triangle = male/ downward triangle = female/ together = six pointed star of Solomon

male and female represented by alchemists

thinking about how symbols/ archetypes are formed
natural v unnatural magic

body as transmitter/ receiver
flesh and bones mirror of universe
we participate in the universe as it grows
artists can manifest this

Botticelli - Birth of Venus made with verdigris (oxidised copper) Venus represents the element copper
Jackon Pollock - inspired by shamans

natural process disintegrated by culture

rosary - symbol of catholic church - actually pagan image - represents symbol of Venus  - rosary embodied symbol of Venus and Earth

artist as as transmitter/ receiver

Marina Abramovic - 
working process - research - normal life - real research is going to places without electricity/ coca cola etc - to learn from natives - when young most important person to her was Anthropologist Tibor Sekelji - tribes - shrunken heads - stories

- influenced by aborigines and tibetans and shamans in Brazil - aboriginal central Australia - most preserved - harsh nature - nomadic - no possessions - ceremony as a way of life - land and myth intertwined - myth is living now - elaborate ritual constructed and left behind - lived West of the Lake of Disapointment - no water - lived for a year - men and women live separately except for the time of the full moon - then engaged sexually - the women play their dreams out - enact them out

- separated from Aborigines - kept diary - camp - eagle sitting with them - spooked - eagle died in front of them - after a year met anthropologist in Alice Springs - name Jugari - which means dying eagle -

tibetan monks - speak telepathetically

shamans in Brazil - can move the wind

mysteries that we don't believe in our culture - we have the power to do them

Serpentine - difficult because had to trust in energy to transmit
- lockers = leave electronic devices and watches behind
- headphones = created a different state of mind/ people concentrated / emotional impact when you close one sense and open others/ mystic experience/ allowed people to be by themselves/
- human touch
- beds = alone and with others
- props as tools
- blindfolds = touch
- chairs =
- colours = certain energy
- doing nothing
- counting rice and lentils = relationship with time
- platform = mystical space/ energy of others
- silence
- slow motion walk = slowing the mind/ timelessness
- group energy
- immaterial project


Picabia - canabalist manifesto - artist of future will be nothing - gods will be nothing - nothing can be time and space - but when you have nothing you have everything

Suchness - tibetan phrase - full emptiness
scientists have idea - vacuum - everything begins - seat of nothing

experiences with aboriginals, tibetans, shamans - we live with unnatural setting so how do we find nature?

we are afraid of doing nothing
John Cage - go behind the boredom
wake up in the morning - when you wake up full of energy then do nothing - energy will go inwards -
we just need to be and simplicity
technology evolved beyond human brain - we need more simplicity

what is role of artist in all of this?

we have to change ourselves
I changed myself
I was always thinking mind over matter
will power most important
that is completely wrong - body has its own intelligence
shamans showed me
every molecule of body has own intelligence

body as transmitter/ receiver
need to turn intellect off
artists are social creatures and can say things uncensored

Lady Gaga - MOMA - lots of fans stayed for performance - fans copy her - wanted MA to teach her - Jeff Koons - Robert Wilson as well - took computers and clothes - white clothes and tractor driver clothes - no telephones - walked slow motion in the forest - river - rice counting - fans want to connect with MA - JayZ bad experience with JayZ

people are either originals or followers

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