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Have You Experienced Being Furloughed?

  Are you currently furloughed or have been furloughed during the pandemic? If so, I am interested in hearing about your situation. I am a researcher at Durham University. As part of a research study to increase the understanding of the effects of being furloughed, I am interviewing people across the UK who have first-hand experience. The informal interview will take up to one hour at your convenience. I simply want to capture your thoughts and perspectives. Your responses will be kept confidential. There is no compensation for participating in this study. However, your participation will be a valuable addition to the research project. Its findings could lead to greater public understanding of how being furloughed is felt and experienced. I f you: 1. Have been furloughed during the pandemic 2. Are over 18 3. Based in the UK 4. Willing to be interviewed Please contact me for further information **No matter how small, your contribution could be important

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